Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Into Business Online |

Despite the scams, rumors and gimmicks that populate online businesses and Internet money-making deals, you can make money fast on the Internet by working from home. In order to make a profit that you can live on, however, you need to be aware of the business culture you’re entering, as well as your own personal ability to handle the unique opportunities and issues that arise in online business. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself before attempting to make real money online.o Am I a self-starter? Review your past work experiences and your personal attitude to evaluate your ability to start projects alone, do the necessary research to generate a thorough business plan, and take the practical, necessary steps to launching your business online.

o Am I organized? Anyone who works from home or who owns their own company must be extremely organized and detail-oriented. You’ll have to manage accounting, web design and maintenance, client relations, your products and services, marketing campaigns, and possibly human resources and outsourcing duties, as well as keeping up with the trends influencing your market.o Do I follow through with projects? Are you all about big ideas, or are you disciplined and committed enough to follow through on your various projects? Once you set up a website and recruit readers and customers, you have an obligation to follow through and keep up with business.o Am I easily frustrated? Making money online takes a lot of practice and patience. New tools and strategies for online marketing and online businesses are introduced constantly, and it will take you some time before you can figure out what works for you and your company.o Am I doing this as a hobby or as a full-time gig? Before you open up for business, decide how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your gig.

o How much money do I need to make to be profitable? Part of a good business plan will include a specific profit goal.o Who is my target customer? The Internet attracts people from all over the world with every kind of interest you could imagine. Pinpoint your target demographic before getting bogged down in all the noise online.o How will I accept payment? Research online payment methods like PayPal and decide which one will work best for you and your customers. Streamlining your accounting and invoicing before opening up your business is vital to customer support and your own livelihood.

Your Website is the Foundation of Marketing Your Small Business Online |

There is a lot of confusion about the internet and what it can do for your business. If you always think of the internet as a means to connect you with the customer, understanding and implementing the best internet advertising and marketing will be much easier.When surfing the web you will notice there are different types of websites. Knowing which one or ones your business will need depends upon what the goal of the website is. There are information sites, sales pages, squeeze pages, social sites plus many others. They are all used for different purposes and to give the website owners different results.This is where a mentor really comes in handy. Searching for internet marketing agencies that use strategies that appeal to you to market your small business online can help you set up effective internet marketing strategies and guide you in which types of websites you need.

Once you have your domain name the best strategy if you are a beginner and are setting up everything yourself is to invest as little as possible and start off with web hosting for under $5 a month. Upgrade after your site is up and you are driving traffic. This will help if you are starting on a shoestring budget. Driving traffic by search engines can take a couple of months to build up if you are using totally free methods and once the traffic is coming you can upgrade to handle your expected website visitors.When your hosting has been activated install wordpress free from It is one of the most powerful and versatile blogging open source softwares available. We always use because they have the easy install where you fill in a few passwords and usernames and it is installed and ready to use for you free within a few minutes.Search engines love blogs and they can be set up to look like any kind of a web page. WordPress works on themes and once your content is in you can change your theme which will change the appearance of your website with just a mouse click after you upload the theme files. There are hundreds if not thousands of free wordpress themes.Wordpress is so widely used there are hundreds of help pages that will answer all your questions plus a forum to ask questions and get answers, which is all free. Just register for a free account with to access all the help files and forum. For additional help just Google your question and say it is for wordpress, you will get many answers.

If you are looking for something special there are many wordpress themes that can be purchased from $10 on up to exclusives. Many have changeable headers and with a little html coding almost anything can be changed. All this is free in the manual. If this all seems too much the best advice is investigate internet marketing agencies and their strategies to find the ones that can lay out the best internet advertising for you so you can begin marketing your small business online.